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    Full Time Employees: 857
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    • Giuseppe Conti
    • Valter Moro
    • Francesco Giorgianni
    • Raul Arteaga Errazuriz
    • Claudio Eduardo Helfmann Soto
    • Luis Ignacio Quinones Sotomayor
    • Humberto Espejo Paluz
    • Luis Vergara Adamides
    • Jorge Burlando Bonino
    • Bernardo Canales Fuenzalida
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    • Santa Rosa 76 Piso 16
    • SANTIAGO 8330099
    • P: +562.23534400
    • F: +562.23784790
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Enel Generacion Chile S.A., formerly Empresa Nacional De Electricidad S.A., incorporated on January 17, 1944, is engaged in the business of electricity generation. The Company operates in Chile. The Company’s primary facilities include power plants, transmission assets, pipelines, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and re-gasification plants, storage and chartered LNG tankers. The Company owns and operates a total of approximately 111-generation units in Chile both directly and through its subsidiaries, Pehuenche and GasAtacama Celta. Of these generation units, approximately 38 are hydroelectric, with a total installed capacity of over 3,470 megawatts. There are approximately 22 thermal generation units that operate with gas, coal or oil with a total installed capacity of over 2,808 megawatts. There are over 51 wind powered generation units with an aggregate installed capacity of approximately 78 megawatts. The Company’s subsidiaries include GasAtacama Chile S.A, Empresa Electrica Pehuenche S.A. and Central Eolica Canela S.A. The Company‚Äôs Subsidiary GasAtacama Chile is a generation company located in the northern region of Chile. It consists of a four-unit combined-cycle power plant with a total installed capacity of approximately 780 megawatts and a gas pipeline, which allows the import of gas from Argentina. Pehuenche is a generation company. It owns over three hydroelectric facilities located in the hydrological basin of the Maule River, south of Santiago, with a total installed capacity of approximately 700 megawatts. The Company’s projects under development include Neltume Hydroelectric Project, Piruquina Hydroelectric Project, Ttanti Combined-Cycle Project, Quintero Combined-Cycle Project, Vallecito Hydroelectric Project and Taltal Combined-Cycle Project. The Company’s Neltume project is located in Los Rios region, on the upper part of the Valdivia River basin. The Neltume project consists of approximately 490 megawatts installed capacity run-of-the-river hydro power plant. The Piruquina Hydroelectric project is located in Los Lagos region, on Chiloe Island. The Ttanti project is located in Antofagasta region, on land adjacent to the existing Atacama power plant that is located in the industrial zone of Mejillones city. The Quintero project is located in the Valparaso region and consists of an energy efficiency project that takes advantage of the heat of the gases emitted by the existing turbines to produce steam. The Vallecito hydroelectric project is located in the Maule region, in the upper part of the Maule river basin. It consists of a run-of-the-river hydroelectric plant with an installed capacity of 70 megawatts. The project consists of the construction of over three units of natural gas combined-cycle power plant with an aggregate installed capacity of approximately 1.290 megawatts. The Taltal Combined-Cycle Project consists of the construction of a steam turbine for converting the Taltal gas-fired open cycle plant to a combined-cycle plant. The Company competes with AES Gener S.A., Engie, Gener and Colbun S.A.

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